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Program Highlights

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Be, live & Spread the light


 We are very happy to share some Program Highlights with you.

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Details of some workshops


We are very happy to share a few program Highlights of a few selected workshops with you. 

Gianroop Kaur - The Body, Within and Without

Today's culture puts much pressure and projection on personal appearances. We are often ruled by other people's perceptions, which can bring internal challenges to our mental and physical health.
We will research, investigate and navigate all ten bodies in the new Aquarian Age where our orientation to being and perceiving is changing at the speed of light.
Plug into the “Self Sensory System” and be a part of many who are rewriting old scripts into a whole new text regarding “beauty.”


Gianroop Kaur holds the group with grace, warmth, and humor. She sees each individual in the moment they are in on their path. She works creatively with a holistic approach in support of the individual/group's accessible transformation.
She is a lifelong visual artist under the name of Ann Tracy.


Gianroop was born in Massachusetts (USA) and did her training at Golden Bridge Yoga, NYC in 2010 where she began teaching.
She and her husband Dharampal opened a Center for Expression, Art Therapy, and Yoga in 2021 in Gockhausen near Zürich. She was a part of Guru Dharma’s first Yoga Therapy training and practices with clients since 2011. She is a member of The International Association of Yoga Therapists, as well as a member of The Swiss Yoga Association.


Michael Krauer/ Dharampal is an Art Therapist. Check out their world: &



Andrea Schwingruber - Uplift Yourself with Shakti Dance


Experience and create your being in the eight phases of Shakti Dance. The workshop includes meditative chanting and dancing of mantras, stretching of the body, free dance, and relaxation.


Andrea completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training (Levels 1 & 2) at Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) School. She teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga and gives regularly Shakti dance workshops. Andrea offers relaxing Sat Nam Rasayan treatments, sound massages with singing bowls, and her new passion is the Gong. She teaches and lives with her family in Emmen, Lucerne.

Discover more about Andrea HERE


Hari Krishan Singh
A Journey into the 5 Dimensions of Elevation to Celebrate the Divine in All


A Karam Kriya (Number Awareness) and Kundalini Yoga workshop.

Join Hari Krishan Singh for an experiential exploration of the 14 Worlds and the 5 Dimensions of Elevation as described in Japji and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.
This will naturally lead us to a celebration of the Universal Light that shines in all!
Ang Sang Wahe Guru! A combination of strong exercise, deep meditation, contemplation, mantra recitation, and relaxation based on the Teachings of Kundalini Yoga, Karam Kriya (Number Awareness), Patanjali, Sikh Dharma, and Yoga Nidra.

Hari Krishan Singh is Dutch but a resident of Germany. He co-founded the Cherdi Kala International Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya School with his wife Bachitar Kaur.

He travels and teaches internationally as a Lead Level 1 & 2 and 21 Stages of Meditation Kundalini Yoga Teacher Trainer and is a Karam Kriya Consultant, Karam Kriya Yoga Coach, and Trainer. He is responsible for establishing many training programs around the world, often in cooperation with the Karam Kriya School and Shiv Charan Singh.

With profound understanding and insight into the Teachings and an abundant sense of humor, Hari Krishan’s infectious presence naturally puts people at ease. He brings the Teachings across in a way that is both light and deep and facilitates deep processes of change and personal growth.

He lives with his family in South-Germany in Yogahouse Prasaad, their retreat center near Lake Constance.

Find out more about Hari Krishan:

Kathrin Ohnsorge - Sat Nam Rasayan

Sat Nam Rasayan is the healing art of Kundalini Yoga and was taught  by Yogi Bhajan to his student Guru Dev Singh. In Sat Nam Rasayan you learn to relax somebody through a deep meditative state of  contemplation in inner silence. In this neutral meditative state, allowing whatever appears in relationship to others, relaxation, and healing occur. Through Sat Nam Rasayan you learn at the same  time to enter deep meditation, observe and contain meditatively your  reactions to others while helping others who search for healing. 

Kathrin Ohnsorge has been practicing Sat Nam Rasayan and Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years and leads Sat Nam Rasayan trainings and teaches Kundalini Yoga classes in various countries in Europe.
She is learning from Guru Dev Singh and studied  directly with Yogi Bhajan.
She is also a university researcher and conducted various research projects, publications,  and teaching in ethics of end-of-life care. 

Learn more about Kathrin and Sat Nam Rasayan HERE

Prithi Nivas Kaur & Dass Shakti Kaur
Making Love to God - A workshop for women


This workshop is dedicated to receiving the vulnerable intimacy of our humanness
and to the pleasure of being whole and alive.

More information will follow :-)

Learn more about Prithi Nivas & Dass Shakti under
or listening to the music of Prithi Nivas
visit this Website

Cynthia Reshke - “The alchemy of love”


Exploring the sacred commUnion of movement and breath to BEcome ONE common unity.

In this workshop, we will explore the movement of energy and breath through our physical body. We cannot see or touch our breath, but we can experience it. We can see and feel whatever it is moving, through our senses & thanks to our physical body. So, we will move our physical body with the aim to loosen up any kind of tension or blockages for the energy to flow freely. As we begin to sense the rivers of energy flowing through us, we can dive into that pranic ocean and move along with it. The harmonious dance of our bodies along with our breath will then support us to get in touch with more subtle energies, allowing us to synchronize the multiple aspects of ourselves. As we establish this vertical conversation with all the layers of our being, we are moving towards a meditative state of mind, present moment awareness, and unity consciousness. We will aim to get in touch with our higher self, the divine, our truth, whatever you want to call it… and experience a deep sense of connection, love, and unity with all, which we will be celebrating together in our common Unity.

Cynthia is a devoted yogini and an eternal student of life. She fell in love with yoga about 25 years ago discovering different styles of yoga until she emerged in a 500h Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in 2012. This transformational practice has given her so much, that it awakened the desire to retransmit this precious wisdom for the greater good. She hosted the Imagine Academy Yoga Teacher Training in Geneva for 6 years, blessed to witness the positive transformation in others, as they blossomed into the best version of themselves. Her mission is to encourage everyone to engage in sincere self-examination toward a healthier, happier, and more meaningful life. Cynthia's growing curiosity on the path of self-knowledge led her to continuously study and deepen her understanding. She is inspired by different lineages and ultimately advocates to connect to that immense wisdom we all carry inside, and to follow our own heart's innermost desire to fulfill its purpose.

Visit Cynthia's Website:

Jai Gopal - Realize the power that you are

Recognize your ability to create and manifest in your life the highest expression of your being.


More Details follow soon. 

Find out more about Jai Gopal:

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