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Pedro Misle

Pedro is a Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Tantra Yoga Teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance (ERYT 200 and YACEP) and European Yoga Alliance. He is the founder and lead philosophy teacher in Imagine Academy. Economist and musician. Yogi, entrepreneur, father and husband. For Pedro yoga represents the essence of responsibility, effort, search for oneself, and sincerity of action. “We all have an infinite amount of beauty inside of us and we work on the ability to see it by ourselves and in others.

Judith Ender

Judith started her practice in 2000 in Barcelona, and discovered Kundalini Yoga in 2007. She is trained in Kundalini Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Vinyasa Flow and studies Naad (Mantra/Sound) Yoga since 2011. She teaches since 2009 and co-founded Gobinde Yoga, the first Kundalini Yoga Center in Zurich. Since 2013 she teaches at Imagine’s Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. Her way to teach is gentle and strong at the same time. It makes her happy to share her love for these life-changing teachings.

Simone Pfirter

Simone: Kundalini Yoga brought an empowering tool into my life to love myself and train my mind to be at the service of my heart and soul teaching me that everything is possible, and magic exists. I have studied in Chile with Nam Nidhan Kaur in 2012. My passion to spread this wisdom led me to organize retreats on our sailing boat in Panama, with Dolphins in Egypt, combining it with the Water work as I teach a Conscious Water Massage called "Infinite Flowing" in natural waters around the world.

Tiziana Guarino

Tiziana first heard about Ayurveda at a conference in 2009 and instantly felt a deep connection. She trained to become an Ayurveda practitioner and now teaches Ayurveda in the Usha Veda school in Morges and treats people at her institute Durga in Yverdon. In 2016 she offered massages at a Kundalini yoga retreat and realized that regular Kundalini Yoga practice can avoid imbalances in the doshas. She started her own practice in 2018 also training as a Kundalini Yoga teacher.

Luca Viberti

Luca started to meditate when he was 8. It helped him through the different stages of his life. He started Kundalini Yoga 20 years ago and some years ago he had the possibility to participate to several Vipassana retreats and darkness retreats. All of those retreats gave him precious insights first about himself and then about humanity at large. Now he feels happy to share these teachings with all of you. Blessings.

Iris Welten

Iris allowed herself 4 years ago to take the right path, She changed her life. The practice of kundalini yoga brought her closer to her true self and to what makes her vibrate. Today, she can express the essence of who she is. She is grateful to share the teachings of kundalini yoga. She also guides individuals through therapies such as Taoist reflexology, acupressure, quantic healing, and various energetic healings.

Sat Nishan Kaur

Sat Nishan Kaur is a woman, wife and mother of 3 young adults. She is teaching kundalini yoga since 2008 to adults, teenagers and children. She is a Level 1 Trainer for KRI in Switzerland, Belgium and France. She also dedicates her time to Level 2,3, playing kirtan and working on her favorite topic: life and death.

Paviter Kaur

Paviter Kaur completed her Kundalini Yoga teacher training (Level 1 & 2) at Amrit Nam Sarovar (ANS) School. She teaches prenatal and postnatal yoga and gives regularly Shakti dance workshops. She offers relaxing Sat Nam Rasayan treatments, sound massages with singing bowls and her new passion is the Gong. She teaches and lives with her family in Emmen, Lucerne.


Alexandra changed her life to 180 degrees more than 5 years ago, by allowing herself to take the right path. The practice of kundalini yoga brought her closer to her true self and to what makes her vibrate. Today, she can express the essence of who she is and share the teachings of kundalini yoga. She also guides individuals through therapies such as Taoist reflexology, acupressure, quantic healing, and various energetic healings.

Julie Gruet

Puranbir Kaur: Since 2010, Kundalini Yoga has been the most beautiful thing to connect with myself, universe and others. Practice, study and teaching have become my daily happiness and development. Sharing the techniques is a real pleasure and a great gift of life.

Aurélie Burnand

“Kundalini yoga and I are like an old friend”, says Aurélie. They met by chance at her job in the 2010s. They lost sight but one day a friend invited her to a class, where she started her practice and in 2017 she started the 1st level training. She found wonderful friends, Aija, Sat Nishan, Nirmal, Nirvers, Alexandra and many other yogis but most of all her Love Darshan Avtar Sing with whom she had 2 wonderful children. KY, a friend who is so sincere.

Avtar Kaur

Avtar Kaur is French-Swiss, living in Germany, Avtar Kaur has been drenched in the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Karam Kriya-School of Applied Numerology since 1998. She is a Level 1 and 2 Kundalini Yoga trainer and a Karam Kriya trainer and consultant. Her passion for these two disciplines and her vast experience are internationally recognized.

Kathrin Ohnsorge

Kathrin Ohnsorge has been practicing Sat Nam Rasayan and Kundalini Yoga for over 20 years and teaches in Sat Nam Rasayan trainings and Kundalini Yoga classes in various countries in Europe. She is learning from Guru Dev Singh and studied directly with Yogi Bhajan. She is also a university researcher and conducted various research projects, publications, and teaching in ethics of end-of-life care.

Sahaj Kaur

Sahaj Kaur has started to learn Yoga with an intense training in India 1993. Since 1994 she is practising Kundalini Yoga and Sat Nam Rasayan. She has been leading the Sat Nam Rasayan training in Darmstadt for more than 15 years. As her main occupation she works as an architect developing sustainable + healthy building projects. She has 2 little kids.

Ada Devinderjit

Ada Devinderjit is a trainer for White Sound Gong Meditation and a non-medical practitioner for holistic psychotherapy in Hamburg and Malente. She has been working with sound for wholeness, meaning of life and development for over twenty years. She lives her joy, love and enthusiasm for this in the variety of meditation concerts, therapy in sound trance and research on the effect of the gong.


Mardana offers mantra music at its best! Multi-layered vocals, beautiful melodies, and soulful arrangements weave a meditative carpet of sound that leads into sublime worlds and always grooves properly – intoxicating and heart-warming! The Kundalini Mantras, Shabads, and spiritual songs allow a special experience of silence and peace. Mardana invites you to dive into the wonderful spectrum of musical colours and sounds, and to join in, chant along, and deeply meditate.

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