Core Team


I am inspired to create a beautiful, safe space together - a space to bring people together, the feeling of community, to inspire each other, to share love, joy and happiness and spread our inner light throughout the world. Alexandra, Organization & Logistics

Carla Bertogg

Kundalini Yoga is the only constant in my life since many years. I'm happy that the movement in Switzerland is - though small still - big enough to come up with our own festival. I'm honored to be a part of it. Carla, Marketing & Communication

Iris Welten

Kundalini Yoga is the best that could happen to YOU, it is a gift because it can change your life. Everything in your life becomes possible by just connecting to your higher self and to just trust. The universe always has the best intention for you. KY will guide you the way. My motivation is to open the door for you - but you need to go through the door yourself. If not now when? Come and go through the door to experience the light, it is open for you if you open! Iris, Co-President & Workshops

Kim Wentrhu

Kundalini Yoga is a very strong and fast way to get in touch with the Divine. Let's practice together! Kim, Website & Layout


I met Kundalini Yoga when I was in a deep existential quest. I felt the call to follow this path and to dive into it to learn and grow. Experiencing myself and the powerful transformation force of these practices, I naturally started to teach. That’s how I opened my shy personality to the world and started to spread poesy and light around me.…I feel the flow and am so grateful to share and spread it ! Navkiran Kaur, Organization & Layout


Combining the Kundalini Yoga Sangat in Switzerland has always been a big topic for me, and to lead them all together in a joyful way. To organize a festival was an intensive Kriya, but also a lot of inspiration, joy and fun. I look forward to the first KY festival in my home country, where we can connect and set a new spirit for Switzerland. "Light to all, peace to all, and love to all". Pavandeep Kaur, Co-President & Coordination


Kundalini Yoga made me brighter, stronger and helped me to open my heart. I am dedicated to this festival so that we can share this beautiful practice. Pernelle, Marketing & Communication

Siri Vedya

The Swiss Kundalini Yoga Festival offers people space to come in the pure nature of the Swiss mountains. I support that. Siri Vedya, Organization & Logistics

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